Summer is the perfect time to build that dream wardrobe. We all need somewhere to store our stuff. The kind of wardrobe you choose can either mean a life of “clothes chaos” or “clothes order” and finding the right style of wardrobe requires serious time and consideration. This is where the Flexi Storage Wardrobe, comes in handy.

The Flexi Storage Wardrobe is an easy DIY program which would allow you to choose from a range of wardrobe options, whether it’s a stand alone sliding wardrobe, walk-in robes or a built-in unit. Plus, you can select your own internal accessories and are simple to assemble and install!

Unlike other wardrobe systems, the Flexi Storage Wardrobe has lots of advantages:

  • It utilises all available space. This gives you the ability to build around corners, as well as fit the wardrobe against the walls, which is very handy if space is an issue, which is quite common on most houses nowadays.
  • Option of sliding doors or as an open wardrobe for your convenience.
  • Option of sizes, colours and styles. All the components and accessories are adaptable and interchangeable, so you can get the overall look and feel you want to achieve to suit your budget and needs.
  • No heavy lifting once assembled.
  • Safe Connection Feature. This provides stability in every direction, preventing accidents and injury as well as extending the life of wardrobe.

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